The following are the seminars and clinics that are offered.  These can be combined for a One Day Encounter, Two Day Encounter or Three Day Encounter.

One Day Encounter

Session 1: The Person, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit

     Clinic: Come, Holy Spirit Clinic

Session 2: Soaking Prayer and the Five Step Prayer Model

Session 3: Hearing From God

     Clinic: Practicing Soaking Prayer

Two Day Encounter

Session 4:  Words of Knowledge/ Words of Wisdom

     Clinic: Activation in Words of Knowledge/Words of Wisdom (divided into three sessions.)

Session 5: Gift of Healing

     Clinic: Activation in Healing

Three Day Encounter

Session 6: Prophecy

     Clinic: Activation in Prophecy and Interpretation

Session 7: Dream Interpretation

     Clinic: Activation in Dream Interpretation