“R-I-S-K” Spells Faith!

Welcome to my new blog.  My hope is that over the next few months I will be able to post lots of thoughts that are growing in my mind as I continue to study the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  As some already know I am currently enrolled in doctoral studies at Southeastern University.  My dissertation is on the intentionality of being a Spirit-filled ministry.  As I am delving into these thoughts I am finding an ever increasing amount personal infilling of the Holy Spirit in my own life.

Recently I asked my wonderful wife Shelly to pray over me because I felt a little sick.  I was lying on the bed and she laid her hands on my stomach.  Interestingly she had a different take on what was going on inside of me.  She stated that she felt that the Holy Spirit was longing to flow out of me.  It was a prophetic insight that jumped started my desire to get out and do something for the Kingdom with all that I am studying and learning.

After leaving my pastorate last November at Spindle City Vineyard in Cohoes, NY, I suddenly found myself out of ministry.  For a pastor this creates a difficult season.  I began to feel a real void in my life.  Not a desperate hopelessness, but simple as if something was missing.  Shelly’s insight as she prayed for me made me realize that I needed to step out by faith.

John Wimber said that you spell faith “R-I-S-K” and he encouraged people to step out.  This summer we as a family are stepping out by faith and taking a risk to travel and do the ministry of the Kingdom wherever God may take us.  If you have any interest or know of anyone who would have interest please get in touch with us so we can place you on our schedule.

Serving Together,

John Manning, MDiv

Doctoral Student/Southeastern University

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